The AMF Distribution in India - A Checklist

Diversispora gibbosa (Blaszk.) Blaszk. & Kovács (2011)

Basionyms and other popular names: Glomus gibbosum Blaszk (1997)]
Diversispora gibbosa is reported from 1 state(s) of India namely Kerala, GPS location for which is shown in map. Data can also be searched by location by clicking distribution map in menu checklist. A conclusion about their occurrence has been drawn on basis of culture based studies (bibliography given below). Availability of live culture of Diversispora gibbosa can be checked at Centre for Mycorrhizal Culture Collection (CMCC, TERI). Original description of Diversispora gibbosa is available at
Taxonomically reliable and clean sequences spanning small subunit (SSU) rRNA, Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large subunit rRNA region isolated from live cultures of AM fungal spores of Diversispora gibbosa have yet not been isolated
Phylum : Glomeromycota
Class   : Glomeromycetes
Order    : Diversisporales
Family   : Diversisporaceae
Genus   :Diversispora
Species :gibbosa
*Indicates data of present project
  1. Rajeshkumar PP& Thomas GV& Gupta A& Gopal M (2015) Diversity, richness and degree of colonization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in coconut cultivated along with intercrops in high productive zone of Kerala, IndiaSymbiosis (2015) 65:125–141