The AMF Distribution in India - A Checklist

About the Checklist

Enter the name of Glomeromycotean fungi in which you are interested in the search text box and press go. This would give the name of species of that genus along with the regions in India where they are reported to be present. It also highlights the conclusion whether is based on morphological field studies, morphological culture based studies or molecular studies. It also depicts the GPS distribution map of those fungi in India and the related bibliography.Taxonomically reliable and clean sequences spanning small subunit (SSU) rRNA, Internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large subunit rRNA region isolated from live cultures of AM fungal spores of the searched species is made available in the form of a phylogenetic map.

The other way to search the check list is by clicking the name of Indian state in the AMF Distribution Map of India, in which one is interested to know occurrence of the common, AM fungi. Like above it will also depict the distribution map of that fungi in India and the related bibliography.Similarly sequence of interest can be downloaded from Phylogenetic Map .